History History off MCM Nurceries

In the early years we have grown grapes and tomatoes


M.C.M. Enthoven exists since 1959

In the early years we have  grown grapes and tomatoes, after a few years came the shift to potted plants including geraniums. Late 60's we started increasing Geranium cuttings. The rooting has always occurred at the head office in Poeldijk Holland. The mother plants from whom the cuttings were taken have been on different locations.
In the previous  century, a number of nurseries  in the Westland and a company in Mill were used.

 In 1996, we started a company  in Portugal  for increasing Geranium cuttings. 10 Years ago we set up a partnership in Israel for production of Geranium cuttings. The last few years  the cuttings are all from Africa, where we have a found a place in Kenya that is almost ideal for the production of our cuttings.