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Company information

M.C.M. Enthoven has been specialist in rooted Geranium shoots for 40 years.

Yhe shoots are produced in Africa, then rooted in Holland en from there , delivert to our clients. Rooted shoots are available from October till May.
Besides that we sell onrooted shoots. In Spring halfbreeds are produced from the end of March. We close the season with producing fowering Geraniums.
In the summer an autum we produce Cyclamen.

The Growery is build totally new in 1988. Refurnishing more and more in the years to reproducingfacilty with services and operations like: Assimilition lightning, rollable tables ,  tide, water desinfection true UV-radiation, raisable heating elements, packeging robots, paperpot machine,etc. Coming with this all a facility that offers you maximum flexibility. All in all we still deliver state of the art products everday.